Machine Learning to build

Custom Software - Fast

Replace/new build any process/system. Full system, screens, processes, integrations and tests. No coding required


Take your idea from concept to prototype in simple easy steps.
Build your system using simple drag and drop components.
Get your MVP into the hands of your customer quickly and simply.


Add more behaviour by examples, teaching the system as you would a child.
The scenarios become the tests, so final testing minimised.
Detailed Requirements can be imported or built as your proceed.


Multiple deployment options:
Cloud, private data centre or on-prem.
Flexible licencing arrangements.
or our Cloud via Pay-As-You-Go.
Custom domains, Integrations, Consultancy. Maintenance & Support...

Build new systems easily

With an intuitive interface, and drag and drop components, Rulevolution is designed so that everyone can build the system themselves.
Unlike some other no/low-code platforms, it is not our business model to require you to employ expensive consultants to build your system, (which also then need to be called upon for future maintenance), but to enable your team to do it themselves.

We are however, here to train and support you through your journey.


Inductive Reasoning

Unlike traditional coding, Rulevolution is taught the required behaviour by example.
It then remembers these examples, so if during future maintenance you add behaviour that contradicts previous behaviour, Rulevolution will require a resolution, keeping the system consistent.

Therefore, the system is also self-testing - greatly reducing future maintenance.


System Modernization

As an alternative to a new build, you may have a legacy system that you wish to modernise, or move to the cloud by way of replacement.
In most cases, there is a person within the organisation that understands what the system achieves, along with input and output examples.
These are the ideal materials for our teaching approach, and therefore Rulevolution can be applied to the replacement of Legacy systems.

In the News

Trevor Eddolls Mainframe Blog

Updating an old COBOL program the easy way!

Mainframes are just full of COBOL programs. To a large extent, many large businesses are reliant on their COBOL programs to keep them in business...So, what can you do...

Basically, you need a platform that uses Machine Learning (ML) to build the behaviour of the final system through a deterministic process of inductive reasoning...

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Recent Projects

Supply Chain Providence

  • Fast build out and deployment
  • Flexible Prototype phase
  • BlockChain (distributed Ledger)

Data Ingestion Platform

  • Disparate data sources
  • Complex aggregation requirements
  • Quick integration with "fixed" downwind systems

Health Management

  • Expert knowledge captured as an expert system using the Rulevolution engine

Securitisation Platform

  • Asset securitisation
  • Multiple portals & APIs
  • Quick build to final deployment

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