New Integrated Process

Problem Statement


There are commonly two scenario's where a new process needs to be inserted into a business:
  • Either a complete new process needs to be added into the business (perhaps to support a new business area),
  • Or an existing process needs to be augmented (perhaps for regulatory or maturing of that business line).

    New process


    As custom software builds are considered expensive, a common approach here is to buy a package, but then you are in the woe of pain where the business has to change/adapt to fit the process of the package.


    For a new start-up this isn't even an option, as your unique business processes are usually one of enablers (or the actual USP's) of the business.


    Time constraints and availability of skills (good developers are hard to come by, and expensive) are also big considerations, and often hold back a business.


    But what if building a bespoke package/system to fit your business process could be done quickly and cheaply? This is where Rulevolution can help.


    Augmented an existing process


    Another common scenario is where you need to augment an existing process, or put a monitoring process wrapper (say for compliance monitoring) around an existing process.


    Modifying the existing process itself will be risky and costly, and even if an external package could be leveraged, integration will be a nightmare (or so you may think).


    Integration, manipluation of data, flexiability, agility are all key required features of making such a project a success.


    Again this is where Rulevolution can help.


    Rulevolution Approach


    With Rulevolution you model the process visually, using examples of data as a training scenarios, to the system learns (like a child).


    New process


    Visually (and thus quickly), an Analyst (or similar person who understands what needs to be achieved) constructs the process flows required, screens etc. This can then be tested in isolation, included what if analysis being performed, before used for real (later being deployed to a production environment).


    Therefore a bespoke, just for your business, system can be quickly (and this cheaply) defined, constructed and tested, within the Rulevolution cloud environment (other options are available), and done so in a way that fits with the way existing personnel think about the way the business works, thus reducing any training (compared to any off the shelf) on the new system.


    Example Diagram


    Augmented an existing process


    In a visual manner the Rulevolution system can accept data (some technical integration may be required) and manipulate this as required, easily calling out to other systems and aggregating, calculating datasets etc. to meet your needs.




    Using Rulevolution, a bespoke system is not out of reach due to cost, time or available skills. As a no-code environment (and extensible). Rulevolution's intuitive to use, and therefore does not require extensive training or years of experience to become competent.


    Integration / adoption of data from other systems (some technical integration may be required), is generally accomplished in a visual manner.


    The system is trained on real data, thus tacit knowledge is capture as the processes are built.




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